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Convert Images into Documents On the Go

Nowadays, mobile phones have become very popular and indispensable gadgets. They help us stay in touch with family and friends. Apart from this prime role, smartphones serve as watches, reminders and cameras as well. But did you know that your best friend can be a portable scanner too? That’s right and let’s find out how.

There are plenty of useful apps on the market that can turn your smartphone into a tiny mobile scanner. However, the problem is that scans are usually ineditable and therefore complicated for further reuse. Luckily, there are also apps focused on consumer’s needs. Professionals mainly work with the most common documents, such as MS Word and Excel and they need to transform their hard copies into modifiable Office formats.

Some of these apps are definitely Image to Word and Image to Excel Converter. They convert easily and successfully photos of notes, lists, invoices, magazines and many other documents into editable Word or Excel spreadsheet. Powerful OCR engines of the apps will spare you from misspending your time and exertion for rewriting whole paper sheets by hand. Except from saving your precious time and effort, these helpful apps have other significant characteristics:

  • First-rate recognition and conversion quality
  • No limitations on file size and number of converted files
  • Screenshots can be converted as well
  • Simply share converted documents or open them in other apps
  • Completely free of charge conversion service

Another important feature is clean and uncomplicated interface. Therefore, these image apps are pretty easy to navigate. Following these straightforward steps, you’ll get your photos converted on both platforms, iOS and Android.

How to convert images into documents on iOS

Step 2 - Take a photo of a paper document or choose an existing one

Step 3 - To start editing your file, you’ll need a Word or Excel editor app

How to convert images on Android

Step 2 - Take a photo of your document and crop it

Step 3 - To start editing your file, you’ll need a Word or Excel editor app

And done! The only thing left to do is to download these helpful apps and to turn your smartphone into a practical scanner that will add one more special value to it.


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